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Hunter Window Cleaning - Employee of the week: Ginger

June 2023 was a great month for onboarding employees at Hunter Window Cleaning, so choosing an Employee of the week was always going to be hard, but here it goes.

Lea from Adamstown Heights called us out to clean some windows and replace some screens. The windows were suffering from some pretty bad oxidation from old screens deteriorating, so it was going to take some work to bring some up to scratch.

Lea introduced us to Ginger. Ginger met us at the door and despite being about a foot tall, she somehow immediately looked down on our 6'3 operator and let him know without uttering a word, who was the supervisor for the day.

Ginger followed us around while we cleaned the outside of the windows, pointing out spots that needed more attention and making sure everything was perfect.

For all of this, Ginger has earned:

Employee Score: 14/10

Titles earned: Quality Assurance Manager

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